More reports of smell lingering in the air around Portsmouth

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It seems like a smell that has spread far and wide.

Our story about a strange pong reported in Portsmouth yesterday has led to a flood of new reports.

Readers took to our Facebook page to complain of a sickening stench detected in various parts of the city and beyond.

Sammi Chapman said: ‘I live by Milton Common and could smell it this morning. I got to work at 8am and my colleague said he could smell it in North End! Very dungy, can’t see how it could have been sea air!’

Lucy Lewis said: ‘We had this smell last week in Rowlands Castle only for about an hour then it just went smelt like pig muck being spread on fields.’

Rachel Kean, of Hayling Island, said: ‘I live near the farmer’s fields and they are muck spreading at the moment. Yesterday we actually couldn’t breath the smell was so intense, so in Portsmouth you could be lucky and catching a whiff!’

Alan Newman said: ‘By the sound of it, the smell is noticeable over an extremely wide area and my guess is that it’s some kind of sulphur fumes in the atmosphere’ although where from is of course debatable.’

Glynis Pickard said that the smell was ‘awful’ near Copnor Bridge and Huda El-fargani said that in Albert Road yesterday morning it was so strong it was difficult to breath, although things eased after it had rained.

Annette Austin said the smell was noticeable in Palmerston Road, and Carol Whyte said: ‘I smelt it in Kirby Road, North End.’

Ella Louise Skinner reported a smell further afield saying: ‘It’s been the same in Havant all day and still stinks out there now’ while Louise Gale said: ‘It was really bad in Leigh Park earlier.’

Others said the smell was also noticeable in Commercial Road and London Road in Portsmouth.

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