Mum’s petition to change festival drug safety laws after daughter’s Mutiny death

Georgia Jones. Picture: Janine Milburn/SWNS
Georgia Jones. Picture: Janine Milburn/SWNS
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THE MOTHER of the teenage girl who died after taking drugs at Mutiny Festival has launched a petition to improve drug safety and education at festivals.

Grieving Janine Milburn is calling on the government to introduce 'Georgia's Law' – one requiring festivals to educate attendees on the dangers of taking drugs and to introduce stricter security.

Mutiny Festival where 15 people ended up in hospital with drug related symptoms

Mutiny Festival where 15 people ended up in hospital with drug related symptoms

Janine’s daughter Georgia Jones died aged 18 in May after taking two pills at the festival on King George V Playing Fields in Cosham.

The mother, 41 and from Havant, needs 100,000 signatures for her plea to be debated in Parliament.

She said: ‘I’m trying to change how things are or at least help those that are already trying.

‘We believe there needs to be better education with young people about drink and drugs and drug testing stations should be made mandatory at festivals.

‘Drugs, especially pills, are used a lot more these days by kids and people's attitudes need to change.

‘My little girl was full of life, I just hope this stops at least some people from ending up the same. I would be very appreciative of any support.’

Janine said the pills caused Georgia’s temperature to rise so high it made her fit for 45 minutes. This caused her muscle to break down and turn her blood acidic.

She added: ‘Georgia’s heart was irregular and stopped numerous times and then her lungs filled with blood and fluid and I made the decision to turn everything off.’

Tommy Cowan, aged 20, was found collapsed on May 26 shortly after Georgia. Both died at QA Hospital and festival organisers cancelled the Sunday of the event.

Janine’s petition has more than 630 signatures and she has set up a campaign Facebook page called Georgia Jones – Don't go with the Flo.

The petition reads: ‘All festivals should have drug safe measures. Alongside security checks and dogs, there should be clear warning signs of potential side effects.

‘Front of house testing would also give more information to the individuals.

‘Research has proven all these measures do help and make people think twice, with half choosing not to take.

‘Searches do not stop drugs getting in. Education and advice is what is needed.’ 

To sign the petition click here.