New double-yellow lines to be painted in Portsmouth - will they be on your street?

Could double-yellow lines be painted on your road?
Could double-yellow lines be painted on your road?
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New double-yellow lines will be painted in Portsmouth as part of a series of changes to parking, the city council has announced.

Several roads will have new zones where vehicles are not allowed to park, and some where waiting will be allowed during certain times of day.

For more information on the changes go to the Portsmouth City Council website and search ‘traffic regulation orders 2018’.

A copy of the draft order will also be available to view at the city’s civic offices.

Anyone wanting to object to the proposals should email or post to Nikki Musson, Transport Planning, Portsmouth City Council, Civic Offices, Portsmouth, PO1 2NE quoting reference TRO 3/2018 by February 20.


No waiting at any time (double yellow lines)

A) Ascot Road - west side, 2m length northwards from Stride Avenue junction.

B) Culver Road - both sides, 2m length northwards from Selsey Avenue junction.

C) Landguard Road - south side, 6m alongside the build-out with tree, side of no.90 Prince Albert Road.

D) London Road, Hilsea

- west side, 38m extension northwards of Doyle Avenue (stopping just south of no.513).

- west side, 5m length outside no.227 up to the bus stop clearway.

E) Lower Drayton Lane

- east side, 5m extension adjacent to no.10 Grove Road.

- west side, 10m extension adjacent to no.8 Grove Road.

F) Pendennis Road

- west side, 2m extension northwards between no.3 and no.5.

- west side, 3m extension southwards outside no.1.

G) Selsey Avenue - north side, 1m length west and east of Culver Road junction.

H) Shore Avenue - both sides, 20m total of the southern dead end ’KEEP CLEAR’.

I) Steerforth Close

- north side, 8m on the junction with Grafton Road by no.1.

- south side, 9m on the junction with Grafton Road by no.258.

J) Stride Avenue - north side, 1m length west from Ascot Road (front of no.17).

K) Stroudley Avenue - both sides, 5m extension eastwards from Lower Drayton Lane.

L) Timpson Road - west side, 10m length opposite no.12 in front of the emergency access between the garages.

K) Waltham Street - west side, 7m length opposite The Old Forge and the University Sports Hall (to the rear of the restaurant for access to the waste bins).

L) Wellington Street - north side, 6m in front of the emergency access bollards between Ark Royal House and Illustrious House.

M) Military Road/Peronne Road - south and west sides, 15m round the corner junction by no.38 Peronne Road.


Reduction of prohibition of waiting (double yellow lines)

A) Christchurch Gardens - south side, 6m length east from no.4’s driveway.

B) Methuen Road - south side, two x 5m lengths opposite no.82 and no.94 next to the build-outs.

C) Kassassin Street - east side, the restriction around the build-out outside no.9.


Change from prohibition of waiting at any time (double yellow lines) TO No waiting 8am-6pm (allows parking evenings and weekends)

A) Winter Road

- east side, 15m outside no.10-14 between Highland Road and Oliver Road.

- west side, 10m outside no.61-63 between Hunter Road and Tredegar Road.

- east side, 10m outside no.56-58 between Tredegar Road and Maxwell Road.

- east side, 24m outside no.110-116 between Evans Road and Wimborne Road.


Change from bus stop clearway TO Waiting limited to one hour, no return within one hour Mon-Sat 8am-6pm

A) Winter Road - west side, 23m length opposite Evans Road, outside odd no.107-113.


Change from prohibition of waiting at any time (double yellow lines) TO Residents’ parking place (LA North Southsea Zone)

A) Yorke Street - north side, 5m bay east of St Paul’s Road.

B) Waterloo Road - west side, 9m length opposite no.53 (before the new parking spaces).

C) Wellington Street - south side, 5m length west of the southern turning area/garage access.


Removal of residents’ parking bay (LB Somerstown Zone)

A) St David’s Road - west side, 3m bay between the driveways of no.35 and no.37.


Residents’ parking place: LA North Southsea Zone

A) Radnor Street - at the western dead end, between the existing bays.