New state-of-the-art sprinkler system will save Portsmouth’s HMS Victory from devastating blazes

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NELSON’S flagship HMS Victory has been given a state-of-the-art sprinkler system to save her from devastating blazes.

The cutting-edge kit was developed after the fire which ravaged the historic Cutty Sark in 2007.

Victory’s new fire protection system is different to traditional sprinklers, which spray a fine layer of mist.

The latest piece of kit in the Portsmouth-based attraction is designed to blast out larger, heavier drops of water, resistant to the wind which can blow through the ship’s gun ports and decks.

The project was run by Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service and the National Museum of the Royal Navy.

Andrew Baines, head of history ships at the NMRN, said: ‘It cannot be put into words how important the Victory is; it is truly iconic. It is an overused word but in this case it is true.

‘It is a sole survivor from a bygone era of sailing, made by the hand of man.

‘I sleep easier in my bed knowing this system has been installed.

‘The Victory came to us having survived for centuries. It is our job to ensure it lasts for another 250 years plus.’