Outrage after pig’s head tied to gates of Muslim school

A pig's head left tied to the Madani school gate in Portsmouth, with an  obscene message
A pig's head left tied to the Madani school gate in Portsmouth, with an obscene message
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FAMILY members of terrified pupils have spoken of their upset after a pig’s head was tied to the gates of a Muslim school.

Politicians have condemned the ‘hate crime’ at the Madani Academy in Lake Road, Landport, Portsmouth.

The Madani Academy

The Madani Academy

Shocked parents of primary school age children were disgusted and some felt physically sick when it was discovered at about 8.30am yesterday.

A relative of one nine-year-old girl, said: ‘It’s disgusting. Who would go out of their way for that effort to make a statement like that?

‘Parents were upset. It made them feel sick and hurt – everybody feels hurt.

‘Something raw is disgusting anyway but something we shouldn’t eat is more hurtful.

Pupil’s relative

‘That’s affected part of their learning, we just are all really upset about it.’

The severed head – fixed with cable ties – had been daubed with a swastika and an abusive term about Allah.

The consumption of pork is forbidden for Muslims. Teaching at the school is based on Islamic practices.

Pupils in reception to Year 6 had to go through another entrance into the school while police removed the head.

Police said there was a suspicious incident between 5.40pm and 6pm on Wednesday prior to the grim discovery.

The News understands CCTV captures the pig’s head being left.

The city’s top officer, Superintendent Will Schofield – Portsmouth district commander – said it was believed to be an isolated incident.

He said: ‘We are taking this incident very seriously and will do all we can to catch those responsible.

‘We will not tolerate such incidents in Portsmouth that seek to damage the good relations we have with all sections of our diverse community.’

Luthufur Rahman, director and headteacher, said: ‘We’re upset. We’re really upset.’

In a statement he added: ‘We’ve always found Portsmouth to be a very welcoming city and we hope this does not damage the good relationship that we have with the local community.’

It is the second time a pig’s head has been put on the gates at the school, in Merefield House.

The previous incident was on December 3 in 2013 prior to the school opening.

Protestors previously held a march against the school in October 2014.

Portsmouth South MP Flick Drummond said: ‘This was a horrible and deeply insulting incident that has upset children, parents and staff at the school.

‘It is completely unacceptable behaviour in a civilised society and it does not reflect the views of the vast majority of Portsmouth residents, who I’m sure are equally appalled as I am.’

Cllr Yahiya Chowdhury, who represents Charles Dickens ward, said: ‘It is clear that those bigots hate the community and their activities.’

Cllr Donna Jones, leader of Portsmouth City Council, added: ‘I’m extremely disappointed to learn about this. Portsmouth is a tolerant close-knit city where people generally get along.

‘The incident that has taken place is the work of an extreme minority group and does not reflect the wider city.’

Call police on 101, quoting 44160030331, if you can help.