Packages go ‘missing’ at Portsmouth’s Royal Mail collection office

The Slindon Street Royal Mail collection office
The Slindon Street Royal Mail collection office
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  • Customers left baffled when they couldn’t pick up their parcels at post office
  • Staff were unsure why it was going on
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CUSTOMERS were left furious as they returned home empty handed when going to collect parcels that had not been delivered to their address.

A high number of customers who went to pick up packages from Royal Mail’s delivery office in Slindon Street, Portsmouth, were told that their items were unable for collection despite having slips saying to get their parcel from the office.

‘The staff have no idea where our parcels or packages are.

Stewart Pearce

Stewart Pearce, of Southsea, said that he is waiting on a docking system he’d bought for £150 to connect his laptop up with monitors.

Mr Pearce said: ‘The staff have no idea where our parcels or packages are.

‘They can’t tell you about how to pick them up.

‘I called up the complaints line, and the people they have no idea what to do.

‘One woman in the queue I was in had been going down every day for the last four days to try and pick up a parcel up.’

Chris Ross, of Portsea, said: ‘What I’ve been told is that if you live in PO4 or PO5 and have to get your parcel from yesterday there is a delay.

Lucas Craig said he has been waiting all week to get his parcel and it was the third time that he left the post office empty-handed.

Mr Craig said: ‘This has taken all week – I’ve come back every day for the last three days.’

Andy Kercher also expressed his frustration towards the situation.

He said: ‘I have been down the last two days and apparently they have lost the container.

‘I can’t get it delivered because they do not know when it is going to get to the office. It is a joke.’

Natalie Dodds said: ‘The slip I have hasn’t even got a reference number because their driver hasn’t put one on.

‘It is really annoying.

A spokesperson for Royal Mail said: ‘We apologise to customers for the temporary disruption to some customer collection services at our inquiry office in Slindon Street.

‘This is due to recent changes in our distribution and sortation processes.

‘We are focused on delivering a high quality of service to our customers and we have brought in extra resource to ensure that this situation is speedily resolved.’