Pensioner thanks Cosham fire station for coming to her aid

Cosham Fire Station. Picture Credit: Keith Woodland.
Cosham Fire Station. Picture Credit: Keith Woodland.
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AFTER a visit to Queen Alexandra Hospital for a post operation check-up, 87-year-old Patricia Cosh caught the bus to Cosham to do some shopping.

She said: ‘I was walking along the high street and the wheel of my trolley came off. I felt completely helpless as it is what I use to get around.

‘The fire station was just round the corner and I managed to walk to it and a fireman saw me struggling and asked if I needed any help.’

Patricia was helped into the station and offered a cup of tea.

She said: ‘He sat me down and got a cup of tea because I was quite shaken. Then they got my trolley and they fixed the wheel back on.

‘I really think they deserve a thank you for going above and beyond and it is really lovely that they took the time to help me especially as I was feeling scared after my operation.’