‘People have called me brave, but I just wanted to help my mum.’

  • Micky, 8, made life-saving call to help mum Charlotte
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WHEN Micky Felstead heard his mum screaming in pain in the middle of the night, he kept a cool head.

While others may have flapped, the eight-year-old stayed calm, rang his nan and gathered his siblings to watch TV.

Charlotte Mason and her son Micky Felstead

Charlotte Mason and her son Micky Felstead

He has now been hailed as a ‘little hero’ by his family.

Micky was woken by his mum, Charlotte Mason, at 4am after she made ‘howling noises’.

Charlotte, who is diabetic, was suffering from a hypoglycaemic shock in her sleep, a life-threatening situation in which her body reached a dangerously low level of glucose, causing her to fall unconscious.

This is not the first time Micky has jumped into action. Previously when his mum has gone into shock, he has helped get her sugar levels back up by getting her sugary drinks and food.

But because her shock was worse this time, he called his grandmother, Sally Parrack, to tell her to call for an ambulance.

He then woke up his younger sister, Poppy, seven, Frankie, aged four and Archie, two, before gathering them in his room while they waited for Sally and the paramedics to arrive.

Micky, who goes to Castle Primary School in Portchester, said: ‘Mum was making howling noises and I thought that “I’ve got to ring nan to call for the paramedics”.

‘I got all my brothers and sister together as I thought we should all be together so they wouldn’t get scared.

‘People have called me brave, but I just wanted to help my mum.’

Charlotte, 29, said Micky saved her life.

‘If is wasn’t for what he did, I might have died,’ she said.

‘I am so proud of him. Although he has helped me before, this is the worst I’ve been around him and yet he didn’t panic.

‘He is so laid back and knows exactly what to do. He is amazing.’

Charlotte’s mum Sally, of Leith Avenue in Portchester, arrived 10 minutes after Micky’s call and has said that Charlotte was ‘so lucky’ that he was there.

She said: ‘Charlotte’s partner was working at the time, so thank goodness Micky was so calm to ring me and let me know. He’s our little hero. By the time I got there he seemed like he had the situation perfectly under control. He was just amazing.’

Charlotte recovered from the incident, but was only recently discharged from the Queen Alexandra Hospital after contracting Addison’s disease.

Micky, of Jubilee Avenue, Paulsgrove, was handed an award for his ‘outstanding bravery’ in front of his fellow Beavers in the 3rd Portchester Scout Group in Cobham Hall.

His group leader, Caryl Gregory, said: ‘Micky’s presence of mind must be astonishing. At such a young age, his quick-thinking was fantastic.’