Police officers gather in city to pay respects to the fallen

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THE Portsmouth City Police annual Remembrance service took place at the Guildhall yesterday, with retired and serving police officers from around the county coming to pay respects to those who lost their lives whilst on duty.

At the service respects were paid to those who had been killed whilst performing their jobs and helping people.

Wreaths at the Portsmouth City Police annual Remembrance service

Wreaths at the Portsmouth City Police annual Remembrance service

A new plaque to commemorate those who had previously not been on the old one was revealed by a pair of Second World War veterans.

Paul Donnellan, Chairman of Portsmouth and Gosport NARPO (The National Association for Retired Police Officers) said that the service was ‘very personal’.

‘That’s why we read out every name, which regiment they were in and where they’re buried’

‘Today, of course was bringing other people in who had died with one of our officers from the Second World War.

‘They were nothing to do with the police, but as soon as we knew about it we invited them here and hopefully, well I know they are very appreciative of that fact.’

There was also a display outlining all the officers who had died during the world wars while working for the police.

After the service, those present could learn about them and they also had the chance to catch up over a cup of coffee at the Guildhall.

Scores of sailors at HMS Collingwood also paused to pay their respects.

The Fareham military base held its own memorial service yesterday morning.

A wreath was laid at the service, which marked all those killed in the Royal Navy during the First and Second World Wars.

Names of those who have died in naval service over the past year were also read out.

A similar service was held at Gosport’s naval base, HMS Sultan.