Police persuade man in his 20s to come away from edge of city landmark

HMS Nelson entering Portsmouth Harbour before 1936. The tram gives us the date clue.

NOSTALGIA: The mighty Royal Navy dwarfing Old Portsmouth

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POLICE managed to persuade a young man to come away from the edge of a Portsmouth landmark.

Officers received a concern for welfare report at 5.40pm yesterday, after the man, in his 20s, was seen to be sitting on the ledge of the Round Tower in Old Portsmouth.

A spokeswoman for Hampshire police said: ‘Officers attended the scene, the man was persuaded to come off the ledge and was taken to a mental health facility.’

An eyewitness who was fishing at the rock below the tower was asked to leave the area by officers.

He said: ‘The young man was sat there for more than one hour before I was asked to leave, as police closed off the area.

‘I left hoping the man was okay and would come down.’