Police warn cyclists riding down pedestrianised Commercial Road in Portsmouth

A woman on a bike in Commercial Road
A woman on a bike in Commercial Road
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CYCLISTS caught riding in a busy pedestrianised shopping street have been warned to dismount after disabled groups complained to police.

Sgt Richard Holland said groups representing people with visual impairments had said they did not feel comfortable in Commercial Road due to cyclists.

PCSOs Jordan Gervinbo and Stefanie Malone in Commercial Road

PCSOs Jordan Gervinbo and Stefanie Malone in Commercial Road

But during a targeted police operation, which saw plainclothes officers stopping cyclists who had been told to dismount by uniformed officers, saw just one person given a fixed penalty notice.

The 17-year-old was given the notice for repeatedly failing to get off his bike.

Sgt Holland said: ‘I hope this operation shows that the police do listen to members of the community and respond to their concerns.

‘It also shows that those who cycle on pavements or in prohibited areas are very much in the minority and heed friendly advice when its offered.’

Police were in The Hard yesterday morning and then in Commercial Road.

Officers were giving advice to cyclists who were caught cycling on the pavement or in contravention of byelaws.

Police said 56 people were spoken to about this.

And 30 bikes locked up poorly were identified and their owners told.

Sgt Holland added: ‘‘What’s pleasing is that most people who go down Commercial Road don’t cycle, and if they do, if requested the get off.

‘There’s always going to be a minority, it’s not endemic.’

Residents with mental health difficulties had also raised concerns with police about cyclists riding on pavements.

PCSO Stefanie Malone added: ‘Cycling on the pavement is an issue for everyone.’