POLL RESULT: Your verdict on Costa Coffee opening in Albert Road

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HUNDREDS of readers have had their say on whether or not Costa Coffee should open in Albert Road.

The poll has split the opinion of The News readers but the majority believe the global franchise should not be opening in the Southsea street that is well-known for being a hub for independent businesses.

We asked: Do you like the idea of Costa Coffee opening a new shop in Albert Road?

The poll was launched earlier today after we reported that Costa are set to open a new shop - where Laundry Land used to be - in spring this year.

And 60% of people have rejected the idea and said they are not in support of Costa opening there.

On our Facebook page, Susan Viney said: ‘I love Costa but will not visit the Albert Road branch as so many small coffee shops there. That’s what makes the road special. No not there Costa.’

Craig Chatfield said: ‘Goodbye independent coffee shops of Albert Road your coffee was perfect now the corporates will take over with there over priced, burnt coffee.’

Sue Radcliffe added: ‘It would be a shame if we lost the independent shops and cafés to chains, but that’s the way its going.’

Portsmouth City Council boss Councillor Donna Jones said she is in support of Costa opening and 40 per cent of respondents in our poll agreed it will enhance Albert Road.

Paul Howorth said: ‘Empty shops are not attractive. Costa will at least look attractive.’

Shaun Nicholls said: ‘Albert road isn’t some kind of mecca for independent businesses, they have plenty of chains already down there. Some will use Costa, some will use the local they have been using. But I would rather see costa there than an empty shop window.’