Portsmouth bin changes: Here is what Facebook readers think about the new rules

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Portsmouth residents will soon be faced with new bin rules and it is safe to say opinions are mixed.

The News reported yesterday that the city council voted to introduce a raft of changes to the bin collection rules later this year.

Wheelie Bins will be introduced across Portsmouth

Wheelie Bins will be introduced across Portsmouth

Residents will be issued new 140l wheelie bins, which will be collected every week, while those who live in flat-fronted homes will be allowed to put out three bin bags to be collected.

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Reacting to The News’s story on Facebook, our readers shared their opinions on the changes.

Here is what they had to say:

Brenda Robinson wrote: ‘Some towns I’ve lived in have been doing this for over 20 years.

‘So much better than putting bin bags out for foxes to tear into.’

Lou Button described the decision as being ‘more hygienic’.

Writing: ‘I’m amazed by people’s comments. Rubbish is still being collected. Just in bins.

‘Helps prevents rats and other pests for a start! More hygienic.’

Steve Bettesworth added: ‘Can we reduce our council tax then? Say, for the cost of fuel to go to the tip!?’

While Dionne Benet said: ‘I don’t see what the problem is we should all recycle and stop being lazy.’

Stu Aylward wrote: ‘It doesn’t reduce waste, it just means residents have to take the rubbish to the tip themselves, or save it for the next collection, which is dirty and encourages rats and foxes.

‘Just do the job we pay our taxes for.’

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Wendy Edwards added: ‘I will follow this with interest. Will it work, or will we see even more fly tipping and more non recyclables getting put in green bins?’

Lesley Foster said: ‘What is the problem with recycling? Are people just too lazy?’

Peter Helsby wrote: ‘This will just cause more fly tipping.’

While Maureen Harris echoed: ‘More fly tipping!’

Emma Benson ‘It looks neater, will stop animals getting into bags, less loose rubbish down the streets so less rats, will make people recycle more and hopefully they will think about how much rubbish they produce.’

Jennie Pope said: ‘Thank God we moved to Fareham!’