Portsmouth council leader calls for M27 upgrade to run to Junction 12

Portsmouth City Council leader Donna Jones
Portsmouth City Council leader Donna Jones
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PORTSMOUTH’s council leader says she is ‘furious’ that the proposed new £244m smart motorway scheme for the M27 will not run to Portsmouth.

Highways England is set to start upgrading the M27 between Junctions 4 and 11 in March to four lanes via turning the hard shoulder into a permanent running lane.

The road between Junctions 11 (Fareham Central) and Junction 12 (Portsmouth) was converted to four lanes in 2008, although not all the way.

The segment itself has been a traffic blackspot in recent years and The News previously reported that there have been more accidents on the motorway since the change took place.

Now, Councillor Donna Jones has called for Highways England to revamp the plans to ensure the motorway travels in four lanes all the way to Junction 12.

She said: ‘I am appalled to see that the expansion will not run to Portsmouth despite this segment being an accident black spot on the motorway.

‘I am flabbergasted that the expansion will not overall connect from Southampton to Portsmouth and I will be making a big fuss about this to see if we can look to have a future phase upgrade that segment.’

Cllr Jones added that with the expansion work beginning at Junction 4, there is still time for Highways England to alter the plans for the segment to Junction 12.

She also said that Highways England had not looked to build the upgrade up to Junction 12 due to the expense of building on the road which slants uphill.

A spokesman for Highways England stated: ‘The additional lines will be between junctions 4 and 11 as junctions 11 to 12 were previously widened to four lanes.’