Portsmouth Greens condemn decision to green light third runway at Heathrow

A plane departs Heathrow Airport in west London PPP-161025-134221001
A plane departs Heathrow Airport in west London PPP-161025-134221001
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Strip tease tussle sparks political row in Portsmouth

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PORTSMOUTH Green Party has called the Government’s decision to green light a third runway at Heathrow a ‘post-Brexit PR exercise.’

Proposals to add the extra runway at one of Europe’s busiest airport were given the go-ahead this morning.

A public consultation will be held on its impact at the west London hub before MPs make a final decision in the winter of 2017/18.

Critics of the proposals say it will lead to further noise and air pollution in the nearby area.

Mike Wines, co-ordinator at Portsmouth Green Party said: ‘The Government have just given the green light to build an expensive, polluting and unnecessary new runway at Heathrow.

‘This is a decision which completely tramples over the wishes of local people and will inflict noise and air pollution on already blighted communities.

‘In my personal opinion, this decision has been made purely in the interests of big money and is a post-Brexit PR exercise.’

Tory MP Zac Goldsmith said this morning that he will resign as a result of the decision.

A new runway could be operational by 2025.