Portsmouth Historic Dockyard to host a WW1 battle debate

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A TV-style debate will take place to assess whether an infamous battle swung the First World War in Britain’s favour.

Following on from the centenary of the Battle of Jutland, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard will host a Question Time-style debate assessing whether the conflict was a defining moment that won the war for Britain.

It will be chaired by historian and broadcaster Dan Snow

The 1916 battle was often considered a German victory due to the number of British lives lost, but the Royal Navy lost far fewer ships than the Imperial German Navy.

Joining the panel will be Dr Stephan Huck, director of the German Naval Museum, and naval historian author Nick Hewitt.

Tickets cost £10 and are available online at www.historicdockyard.co.uk/jutland-debate or at the Historic Dockyard.