Portsmouth hospital director gives tips for staying well while on holiday

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A HOSPITAL director has given her top tips on what to pack to stay well on holiday.

Penny Daniels, from St Mary’s Hospital minor injuries unit in Portsmouth, said planning what medication or first aid supplies to take is just as important as planning other parts of the trip.

‘People spend a long time planning what clothes to take and pondering summer reading material,’ she said.

‘But they do not always give as much time to packing what they need to stay well.

‘People wait a whole year for their special holiday away; unfortunately, their fun can be ruined by health issues that could have been stopped by a bit of planning.’

Penny’s tips include:

- Having sufficient supply of regular prescription medication and if flying, keeping some in your hand luggage. 

- Taking over-the-counter pain medication and anti-diarrhoea medication.

- Packing plasters and saline sachets for small cuts and tweezers for splinters.