Portsmouth is the healthiest city to live in the UK according to this shock survey 

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FOR years Portsmouth residents have been told they are overweight, have too many takeaways, and drink and smoke more than the national average.

But now a new survey claims that despite all the other studies the city is in fact is the best place in the UK to live a healthy life. 

Portsmouth is the healthiest city in the UK, according to a shock survey. Picture: Derek Cooper

Portsmouth is the healthiest city in the UK, according to a shock survey. Picture: Derek Cooper

This shock claim comes from Protectivity Insurance which has analysed the facilities of 30 cities across the country – including number of green spaces and gyms. 

And according to the company Portsmouth is the best city in the UK to live a healthy life – provided you can stay away from the many takeaways, with the city having 126 outlets per 100,000 people. 

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Why is Portsmouth the ‘healthiest’ city? 

The survey took into account gyms and fitness centres, green space, spas and vegan restaurants as well as museums and access to therapists. 

And according to its results, the small size and density of Portsmouth means that it has the most to give to its residents when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. 

With four gyms, three yoga studios, five health food shops and a staggering 134 vegan option restaurants across it’s small area, there really is a lot to offer when it comes to food and fitness.

Additionally, when it comes to looking after our minds Portsmouth has 56 professional therapists to confide in, 21 museums to dabble in some culture and six parks across the city for some time to yourself and fresh air. 

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On top of this with this city being right by the sea, the fresh air doesn’t get much better than that.

Which other cities are on the list? 

According to Protectivity, Norwich is the second healthiest city in the UK. 

With 17 spas for some well deserved relaxation time and 14 beautiful parks to stretch your legs. 

While Southampton was ranked as the fifth best for health and well-being, while London was eighth. 

Sean Walsh, marketing manager from Protectivity Insurance said: ‘It’s great to see that our capital city has made it into the top ten of the best UK cities for health and wellness, but it’s equally fantastic to see some of the UK’s smaller cities topping the chart.

‘Now, more than ever people are getting on board with being fit and healthy and also trying to remove any stigma surrounding mental health, so it’s great to see these cities are doing all they can to help their residents live the healthiest lifestyle possible, both mentally and physically.’