Portsmouth Labour leader backs plan for NHS staff pay rise

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A COUNCILLOR has praised a party promise to give NHS workers a pay rise.

Councillor Stephen Morgan, leader of Portsmouth Labour backed the party’s plans to provide a pay increase for NHS staff should Labour win the general election.

His comments came as Labour stated the police would be funded by raising corporation tax.

Cllr Morgan said: ‘Doctors, nurses, and every single member of NHS staff do their bit to help make our NHS the pride of Britain.

‘I know only too well from people like my own mum, a hospital cleaner in our 
city, what a brilliant job NHS staff do day in, day out and we see this across the health service in our city, day in, day out.

‘This Labour plan is in recognition of the effort, hard work and determination 
of staff to deliver vital 
health services for all in our country.’