Portsmouth Labour leader says Jeremy Corbyn ‘effectively invisible’ in referendum

John Ferrett  Picture: Malcolm Wells
John Ferrett Picture: Malcolm Wells
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THE leader of the Labour party on Portsmouth’s council has said national leader Jeremy Corbyn is partly responsible for Brexit.

John Ferrett, Portsmouth Labour group leader, spoke out after two MPs have written to the Parliamentary Labour Party asking for a vote of no confidence in Mr Corbyn following the EU referendum result.

Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn

Cllr Ferrett said: ‘He bears a great deal of responsibility.

‘He’s the leader of the party, we’ve seen how important it is that figureheads and leaders are passionately making the case.

‘As much as I disagree with Boris Johnson he was making a passionate case for why we should leave the European Union.

‘I think Jeremy Corbyn was effectively invisible through this referendum campaign.’

I think Jeremy Corbyn was effectively invisible through this referendum campaign

John Ferrett

Cllr Ferrett, a representative for Prospect union, added: ‘We’re going to see businesses making decisions, they’re going to invest their money elsewhere in the single market.’

And he said vital work such as defence contracts have suffered for the last six months due to ‘drift’ and lack of decisions being made.

He said this was likely to continue into September and beyond.