Portsmouth Labour MP is new 'eyes and ears' for one of Jeremy Corbyn's top team

Stephen Morgan MP has been given a new role at Westminster
Stephen Morgan MP has been given a new role at Westminster
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Portsmouth's newest MP has been given a new parliament position as the eyes and ears for one of Labour's top team.

Stephen Morgan, Portsmouth South MP, confirmed tonight that he is Andrew Gwynne's new parliamentary private secretary (PPS).

Mr Gwynne sits on Jeremy Corbyn's shadow cabinet as shadow secretary of state for communities and local government.

The unpaid role is seen as useful for a new MP at parliament as they gain experience at Westminster acting as the eyes and ears of a minister.

Speaking about his new role, Mr Morgan said: ‘The Tories have let down councils across our nation. Labour will reform the way local government is funded to ensure councils have a more sustainable future and that communities benefit.

‘In Portsmouth, our great city has had to deal with a bad deal from government and our council and our communities have suffered as a result.

‘I look forward to working with Andrew and his team in this new role.’