Portsmouth named UK’s fifth most expensive city for a takeaway pizza

A margherita pizza. Credit: Pixabay (Labelled for reuse)
A margherita pizza. Credit: Pixabay (Labelled for reuse)
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PORTSMOUTH has been named as one of the UK’s most expensive cities for takeaway pizzas.

Figures released by Casino Promo Code show the city is the fifth priciest destination in the UK for a large margherita.

The study – which analysed the prices of the cheesy delicacy at the so-called big four; Dominos, Papa Johns, Pizza Express and Pizza Hut – found some restaurants were charging up to 33 per cent more than others for exactly the same dish.

On average, the survey found Portsmouth had the fifth-highest price across the board – with a large margherita setting the pizza lover back £13.30.

This was a figure topped only by Sheffield and Edinburgh (£13.45), London (£13.81) and Surrey (£13.85).

While the city boasts cheaper a Dominos margherita than some other regions at £13.99 – compared to Edinburgh’s £14.99 – its average was hiked by the price of Papa John’s.

While Edinburgh customers pay £14.99 for this brand, Portsmouth residents must fork out £15.99.

A spokesman for Casino Promo Code said: ‘The disparity in prices across the country is something customers may find surprising.

‘While it is common for there to be price differences between different chains, it is difficult to understand why exactly the same pizza can be 33 per cent more expensive depending on where you eat it.’