Portsmouth power cut: Police say ‘don’t report blackout to us’ following last night’s outage

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Police warned Portsmouth residents not to contact them about the power cut last night unless in case of an ‘emergency’. 

Thousands of people were left without power yesterday (November 19) across the city following the blackout. 

Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) are investigating the cause of the outage. 

However Portsmouth Police were forced to tell residents to stop contacting them about the blackout unless it was an emergency. 

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They tweeted: ‘We're aware of the power cut across Portsmouth & surrounding areas.

Portsmouth was hit by a blackout last night

Portsmouth was hit by a blackout last night

‘This is being dealt with by Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks.

‘Please don't contact us to report this power cut; unless it's in relation to an emergency.

‘For more info please follow SSE Networks' Facebook page.’ 

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While some people decided to try to contact their local MP about the power outage. 

Portsmouth South MP Stephen Morgan wrote: ‘Constituents are contacting me about more SSE power cuts in Portsmouth.

‘For more information visit SSE.’