Portsmouth resident tries to sell his £5 note for £3,500

The note features Sir Winston Churchill 5c5d7c14-4600-4f8b-8783-7d9f074e
The note features Sir Winston Churchill 5c5d7c14-4600-4f8b-8783-7d9f074e
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Since the new £5 note was released last month, online buyers have been going mad trying to get their hands on one of the first notes produced.

There have been stories from across the country where people have been selling their notes for hundreds of pounds, in the hope a keen collector will take the bait.

Earlier this month The News reported how a woman from Waterlooville was trying to sell her £5 note for £300.

But another seller from Portsmouth looks to have gone a step further, offering up their note on Gumtree for an eye-watering £3,500.

Selling under the name ‘Andrew’, he claims the £5 note is in ‘very clean condition’ and has the serial code AA02.

The Mirror has reported that some collectors have been paying up to 40 times the note’s monetary value to get one of the first notes the Bank of England has produced.

The most popular ones have the AA01 prefix at the start of the serial code, which can fetch into the hundreds, although once it goes beyond the prefix the value can drop dramatically.

But there have been examples of AA notes being marketed for hundreds of pounds online.

The notes, which are designed to be longer-lasting than its paper predecessor, feature Sir Winston Churchill alongside the Queen.