Portsmouth South MP Flick Drummond calls on ministers to deliver further aid to war-torn Yemen

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AN MP has called for the government to provide further aid to war-torn Yemen.

Flick Drummond, Portsmouth South MP, who was born there, said the conflict in the country remains ‘ignored and forgotten’.

Speaking during a parliamentary debate this week, Mrs Drummond called on ministers to work with the UN to encourage the Saudi-led and US-backed coalition forces in the country to allow aid into port.

The coalition is currently fighting against the Houthi rebel movement which has led to the deaths of thousands of civilians since the war got under way two years ago.

She said: ‘We need to remember the victims of 
this forgotten and ignored conflict.

‘Aid is not getting through and that must change immediately.

‘I urge the government to continue to work to improve the flow of aid.

‘We have already helped to ease the blockade on Hudaydah port for supplies of humanitarian aid, fuel and food, but the coalition recently refused access for new mobile cranes, supplied by the World Food Programme, which would vastly improve the port’s capacity for unloading essential supplies.’

She added: ‘Will the minister call on the coalition to support the rehabilitation of port infrastructure and get the cranes working?

‘Most importantly, will the British government demand an immediate ceasefire, call all sides to negotiations on the basis of the special envoy’s proposals and lead the country of Yemen to peace.’