Portsmouth tyre thief caught in Kwik Fit staff sting after stealing and dumping used tyres

Peter Kennedy's van outside the Lodge Road branch of Kwik Fit in Portswood, Southampton
Peter Kennedy's van outside the Lodge Road branch of Kwik Fit in Portswood, Southampton
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A THIEF who was caught red handed after stealing tyres from a garage has avoided jail.

Peter Kennedy, of Kingston Road, Portsmouth, stole part-worn tyres from Kwik Fit in the early hours of the morning and also abandoned waste tyres at the business.

Across the country we are cracking down on waste criminals

Nigel Oliver, environment agency crime officer

Southampton Crown Court heard how the Environment Agency began an investigation in July last year.

The probe started after a complaint was received that hundreds of waste tyres were being dumped at night at branches of tyre replacement businesses across Hampshire, in particular at Kwik Fit.

CCTV fitted in several Kwik Fit garages resulted in the same van being involved in each occasion.

On August 28, 2015, a crime officer from the Environment Agency spotted the van at Kwik Fit in Lodge Road, Southampton, and followed behind until police intercepted the vehicle and detained the driver.

Kennedy, 50, was found in possession of six waste tyres that were purposely marked by staff and placed in the store. He had also dumped 30 waste tyres at the garage the same night.

Kennedy pleased guilty to three offences of theft and one of depositing waste tyres in Lodge Road between July 2015 and August 2015.

He was sentenced to three months in jail, suspended for 12 months and was ordered to pay £330 in charges.

Since Kennedy was arrested, there were no further complaints.

Nigel Oliver, environment agency crime officer, said: ‘Mr Kennedy dumped and stole tyres without any regard for the businesses he repeatedly targeted across Hampshire.

‘Across the country we are cracking down on waste criminals. Waste crime puts communities at risk, damages the environment, and threatens legitimate business. We are constantly gathering information on criminal activities and environmental crime in Hampshire and across the south east.

‘In cases like this where individuals consistently act illegally, we have absolutely no hesitation in prosecuting them.’