Pro-Europe supporters express concerns over Brexit handling

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THE PEOPLE are speaking, but is parliament listening? That was the question supporters of a pro-Europe were asking, as a group named Stop The Silence erect campaign billboards all over the nation.

The group Crowdfunded almost £70,000 to set-up the two-week campaign, which is about ‘expressing concerns over the government’s handling of Brexit’.

David Rowan is the chairman of the South-East Hampshire and Chichester branch of the European Movement, a group which works with and support Stop The Silence. He said: ‘Millions of people who are worried about the hard Brexit cliff-edge are being ignored, however they voted in the referendum.

‘The government is taking a bulldozing view to leaving Europe and we want to raise awareness about it.

‘Pro-Europe groups are going to keep a close eye on how negotiations are going and what comes out of them.

‘Serious issues with regards to leaving the EU will be exposed, there are so many things members of the public are unaware of.’