Readers share memories of Portsmouth’s old nightclubs

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Readers have been sharing memories of Portsmouth’s old nightclubs.

Scores of comments were posted on our Facebook page after we published a picture of a queue to get into Nero’s in the 1970s.

Here are some of your memories:-

Sharon Knezevic: I used to go to Joannas night club Southsea hands I loved it dance floor was sticky though lol but had lots of fun nights there

Tanya Towle: I remember going into Nero’s as a little girl ss my mum used to clean in there at weekends.There was a Greek ornamental man in the entrance hall and someone had placed a condom on his bits! Funny the things we remember.I must of been around 5.

Cllr Paul Godier: Oh how I miss our once great nightlife. Hope we can bring it back but I fear the suitable venues are few.

Sue Anderson: I brought the ‘BUMP’ to Nero’s it was all the rage up north and when my bestie and I did it at Nero’s it became the dance to do, I am probably in that queue :-)

Lesley Bridger: The good old days. I used to go to the Mecca more than the ones near South Parade Pier. Met the love of my life at the Mecca in the 70s

Bob Mogg: Had some great nights in all three of them. Joannas, Neros and the Mecca.

Kate Robinson: I loved the coloured light dance floor & waitresses/waiters in togas

Steve Turner :Met my future wife there in ‘82....and we’re still together today! I have good memories as well....

Angus Jeffers: Had some crazy nights at Neros with the Cosham lads...

* For many more memories go to our Facebook page.