Southern Rail to be mocked in new musical parody

A commuter protest over Southern Rail's performance
A commuter protest over Southern Rail's performance
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FOLLOWING a year of commuter chaos, Southern Rail is to be mocked when a musical based on the ailing rail operator premieres this weekend.

Southern Fail: The Musical, will premiere at Brighton’s fringe festival on Friday.

The hour-long production will chart the misery suffered by 300,000 passengers across the south and Portsmouth area over the last year due to industrial action and staff shortages.

The comedy will feature parody songs, topical satire and characters.

Artistic director Mark Brailsford and writer Simon Levenson have joined forces for the project.

The duo have collaborated with the Association of British Commuters (ABC) at protests in the last year.

ABC are currently seeking a judicial review of the government’s handling of the Southern franchise after the disruption.