Southsea business is part of Visa’s Christmas ad campaign to boost high streets

Parimters in Southsea. Picture: Justin Sutcliffe / Visa
Parimters in Southsea. Picture: Justin Sutcliffe / Visa
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AN INDEPENDENT retailer in Southsea will stand front and centre in Portsmouth as part of a Christmas advertising campaign to get people supporting their local high streets.

Parmiters in Exmouth Road, Southsea, will be part of Visa’s Christmas advertisment this year, as the firm champions 100 independent retailers from across the UK

The antiques shop is one of 11 from the south coast to be featured, stocking unique and rare items for visitors to purchase.

Visa says it is switching the focus of the traditional format of a Christmas marketing campaign, from what people are buying or who they are buying for, to where they are buying things from.

This, it is hoped, will reignite people’s passion for independent retail, as high streets across the region continue to struggle.

Co-owner of the Southsea antiques shop, Ian Parmiter, says that Southsea’s independence is what makes its retail offering so special.

Mr Parmiter explained: ‘Having run the business with just my wife, Sue, for the past 30 years, we are strong advocates for our street and are always celebrating Southsea’s independence and eccentricity.

‘Independent businesses are really important, especially with all the problems high streets have had in the past couple of years.

‘I think the community needs independent businesses – they are the beating heart of the city’s retail.

‘Our customers are a big part of our lives and it’s nice to think that we are a big part of their's – there are regulars that come in every week and that’s very special indeed.

‘Our customers are so diverse  – some days we are dealing with rag-and-bone men and other days Lords and Ladies.’

A billboard poster featuring the store will be put up in Portsmouth as part of the Christmas campaign.

According to research commissioned by Visa, 81 per cent of shoppers would miss the high street if it was no longer there.

Adrian Farina, senior vice president of marketing for Europe at Visa, said: ‘We know high streets up and down the country are a special place for communities to come together – especially at Christmas time.

‘As payments technology continues to evolve, Visa has an ongoing commitment to high streets and to the retailers and consumers on them who are looking to engage in seamless and secure commerce.

‘We’re thrilled to be featuring 100 independent retailers nationwide on billboards in their local area and on social media in the run-up to Christmas.

‘We hope the nation will join us in supporting their local High Street and the independent retailers that make them so special.’