Southsea Castle’s Halloween event will not go ahead as a silent disco despite organisers’ efforts

The event was due to be held at Southsea Castle on Friday
The event was due to be held at Southsea Castle on Friday
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A SILENT disco event organisers applied to the council to hold after being told they could not hod their annual, popular Halloween event due to noise concerns, will not go ahead.

Organisers of Halloween Chaos at the Castle were told by Portsmouth City Council last week they had to pull the plug on the event following a series of noisy celebrations at the castle earlier this year which sparked complaints.

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A licensing sub-committee heard the team in charge of Southsea Castle Events failed to monitor noise levels.

Simon Humphrey and his business partner Will Wright amended their application to the council, stating they would hold the event, due to take place on Friday, as a silent disco –but their bid has been refused.

Speaking on Facebook, the Champagne Bar Southsea Castle account said: ‘Despite us amending our application and offering to run this night as a silent disco, environmental health have deemed silent is still too noisy, and would cause a public nuisance if it were to go ahead this Friday.

‘We're extremely disappointed in this decision and the fact it's ruined so many people's Halloween plans.

‘If we don’t let these people know how we feel then soon we will have no culture or events in the city at all.’

The pair have asked people affected by the cancellation to e-mail the council.

the post added: ‘Chaos has always been a popular and enjoyable event and this decision by the council has been based on other events held at the castle and not last year’s event.

‘We still don't know how this will affect all future events and weddings to be held at the castle, and it seems that it may be impossible to run an event even at this location which is a long way from any residents.’