Southsea coastal defences: How the £100 million project would work explained 

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Southsea’s mammoth £100 million coastal defence project is now in the public consultation stage and a whole raft of new details have been unveiled. 

But what exactly is being proposed and how would it work? Here is all the details about the scheme explained:

Consultations for the scheme started yesterday at Eastney Community Centre and will offer information on proposals for eight areas of the seafront, with the opportunity to provide feedback via questionnaires.
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The project, that will protect more than 8,000 homes from flooding, has the potential to be the single biggest local authority-led flood defence scheme in the country with a predicted cost of more than £100m.

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Although an initial consultation ran in 2014, this is the first time people in Portsmouth will have the chance to vote on the detailed impressions.

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The public are being consulted on the Southsea coastal defence plans

The public are being consulted on the Southsea coastal defence plans