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Eunice Forhead, from Baffins, celebrated her 104th Birthday at Tin Tin Chinese restaurant in Portsmouth. Picture: Keith Woodland PPP-180113-214724006

104TH BIRTHDAY: Life is sweeter than ever for ‘queen bee’ Eunice

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I have always loved green – the colour of the grass growing under my feet, the trees over my head.

When I was little I’d eat my school packed lunch up a tree instead of in the school hall, or I’d make shelters in the woods to hide from the rain.

When my kiddies were crawlers and rolling in the mud while we had a go at growing our own at the Locksway Road allotments, they learned that food grew out of the ground, not out of the supermarket freezer.

Our Keep Pompey Green campaign is about caring for our greenspaces. It’s what Southsea Greenhouse was set up to do – growing and swapping food surplus and supporting all the great work our friends in the city are doing to recycle and share resources and not waste food or damage the environment.

It’s also about a growing sense of urgency locally, concerns about cutting services and ancient trees in our beautiful spaces to make way for development.

See the exhibition at Le Cafe Parisien and tell us what you think. #keeppompeygreen.