Southsea’s sandy beach goes down a storm

Picture: Louise Smith
Picture: Louise Smith
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It was the one good side of Storm Imogen - and it’s certainly left people talking.

The powerful waves that pummeled Southsea at the start of the week shifted tons of stones and left a section of the beach unusually sandy.

And judging by the response to Louise Smith’s picture, people like it.

We got a big response when we published Louise’s picture on our Facebook page.

Janet Jay Othen said: ‘It looks so strange! Shame it can’t stay but the stones are flood defences.’

Joy Curtis was one of many who said it would be great to have a permanently-sandy beach. ‘It would be lovely. At least it would be easier on the feet and also more people would visit - everyone likes a sandy beach!’

And Alexsis Seed asked: ‘Would it be possible for the council to keep one section with sand and re-shingle the rest to prevent erosion?’

Steven Pool said: ‘When I was younger you had to jump down on to most of the beach at Southsea or use the concrete ramps. How about the council removing and using tons of the shingle along the beach, this would improve the chance of less flooding due to the height of the walls as they used to be and yes again we might even see some sand.’

And Matthew Burns joked: ‘Quick - take Portsmouth beach promotion pictures before it all gets washed away!’