Street food firm to open for business in Southsea’s newest pub

Pete Hunt is opening Need Street Food in The Merchant House, Highand Road, Southsea

A man on a charity mission is moving his unique business into Southsea’s newest pub.

Pete Hunt launched his street food business, Feed Hot Dog Co, with the aim to sell delicious treats while also saving the lives of malnourished people across the globe.

The Merchant House''Picture: Hollie O'Connor

One year and 8,919 packets of life-saving food later, the entrepreneur is trading his portable hot dog cart in and taking up kitchen residency at The Merchant House in Southsea.

Located on Highland Road, the newly opened pub is the perfect setting for Pete’s updated business ‘Need Street Food’.

Since 2016, Pete has been making different variations of gourmet hot dog from his vendor van.

Partnered with charitable organisation, Plumpy’Nut, for every hot dog sold a packet of emergency food is gifted to a programme treating child malnutrition.

The new menu and name-change will take the enterprise to a whole new level, as Pete moves into the craft ale premises for six months.

Meat, vegetarian and vegan options will be on offer. Items on the menu include double-stacked waffle cut-stuffed burgers and hot sauce-smothered chicken with rosemary salted fries.

Pete is also launching the Sunday Roast Club, which gives customers the chance to order a roast in advance.

As always, each order will fund packets of life-saving food for children in need.

Pete said: ‘We’re incredibly excited to be laying down roots in The Merchant House.

‘Our menu is expanding, our brand is evolving, and we’re continuing to support the cause we care so deeply about.

‘Loyal customers from the days of Feed Hot Dog Co. have been getting as excited as us!

‘The support and anticipation is already flooding in, and we couldn’t be happier.’

Pete also touched on how his venture started.

He added: ‘I started Feed Hot Dog Co. in 2016 by combining the idea to use street food inspired from my travels with my desire to help children suffering with severe acute malnutrition.

‘To see that idea expanding to a full-blown restaurant and kitchen space in just two years is pure brilliance. I’m honoured.’

Founder Pete also extended his gratitude to all of those that helped him to build his business and save lives.

He said: ‘To all my friends who helped me sell hot dogs in every kind of weather, thank you.

‘And endless gratitude to everyone who bought a hot dog or supported us. Hope to see you at Need!’

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