Stubbington choir set up to bring a voice for those who can’t sing in tune

  • Choir set up in Stubbington for those to ‘make a sound, rather than the right sound’
  • Choir has growing membership after April launch
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For CENTURIES, choirs have been formed by talented singers across the world.

But what about those of us who don’t know our F sharp from our D minor?

Members of the Solent Tuneless Choir

Members of the Solent Tuneless Choir

Well Solent Tuneless Choir is now looking to provide somewhere to harness those off-key voices.

After being inspired by fellow tuneless choirs elsewhere in the country, Mo McCallum decided the format would be a perfect fit for local performers.

She brought in music therapist Jon Booth to lead the new choir and now membership is peaking at more than 40 people.

Jon said: ‘Music provides a way for everybody to express themselves and everyone has the right to sing.

The choir is a good laugh as for us it is about making a sound rather than making the right sound.

Choir leader Jon Booth

‘We thought that just because you can’t sing in a normal choir, it does not mean you shouldn’t be able to sing in a group with friends.

‘The choir is a good laugh as for us it is about making a sound rather than making the right sound.’

The choir meets in Stubbington’s Holy Rood Church Centre in Gosport Road every Tuesday during the school term.

Of course, there’s a chance that the choir’s sound may become more polished after a certain time.

But even if singers start to hold a note, the choir plans to carry on regardless.

Mo, 68, from Gosport, said: ‘We expect some people will find that with a bit of practice they’ll gain confidence, realise they can sing and want to go on to better things.

‘We won’t make them leave unless they sing very loudly very well and show the rest of us up.

‘But we will be here for those who want to sing without a care.’

The choir’s set-list changes at every session, with Jon providing the songs at the start before choir members then pick their favourites to try out.

Jon, 29, who lives in Fareham, added: ‘We’ve had a big response since the choir was launched last year and the more numbers we get, the louder we will be.

‘We did not expect such a great response to the choir and I would call on those who want to have a laugh and sing a song or two to head down next time.’

Each choir session costs £7, with more information on the choir available at