‘The Christian message is exciting and we want you to hear about it!’ 

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By the Rev Neil Smart, associate vicar of St Jude’s Church, Southsea

If you suddenly had some exciting news to share – perhaps getting engaged or having a baby – you’d be desperate to tell other people.

You might wonder why Christians are often keen to tell other people about their faith. You may think such things are private and don’t need to be talked about.

But for us, the Christian message is exciting news and we want our friends to hear about it.

We want them to know we can be forgiven for the bad things we’ve all done, we can start a new life with God, and that we have a real hope for the future.

That’s why we at St Jude’s are hosting a mission weekend from March 22-24, which involves us hosting various events at which we’ll have fun and have the chance to explain our faith.

There’s a Men’s Breakfast from 8.30am in St Jude’s Church on March 23. It’s free, and it’s your opportunity to enjoy a full English breakfast with some great company, and to hear a story of hope.

Just let us know if you’d like to come on 023-9275 0442 or office@sjs.church.

Later that day, there’s a quiz night at Coffee #1 in Palmerston Road, from 7.30pm. Bring along a whole team, or come by yourself and we’ll add to you a team.

You can test out your grey cells while enjoying coffee and cake. Entrance is free – just let us know you’re coming on the above phone number or email address.

On the Sunday morning, we’ll be hosting our regular Funday Sunday event from 10.30am. We’ll treat your family to real coffee, bacon sandwiches, the Sunday papers and art and craft, before a quickfire half-hour presentation involving comedy sketches and lively songs.

There’s also a more traditional service later on that day. Come and See happens at 4pm on March 24, and will include great hymns and interesting stories of God at work.

During the weekend, we’ll be joined by four students from Oak Hill Theological College, who’ll help us to talk about our faith.

During Saturday, they’ll be with us in Southsea town centre, getting the good news out on the streets.

We’re genuinely not trying to force our beliefs on you. We’re just so excited about what God has done for us that we think he’s got good news for you too.

S Jude's Church is in Kent Road, Southsea. Go to sjs.church