The Portsmouth area in all its beauty – pictures by Tony Hicks

Red sky at night taken from Round Tower. Picture: Tony Hicks
Red sky at night taken from Round Tower. Picture: Tony Hicks
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Photographer Tony Hicks has shared some of his favourite shots he has taken in our local area.

Tony,  from Old Portsmouth, started taking photos about 30 years ago and now frequently sends in his pictures to The News.

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He said: ‘I first started taking photos in the late 1980's and early '90's.  I also used to develop my own films, but stopped once digital photography arrived, as it was much quicker and cheaper. 

’My mum and dad bought me  my first camera, a Zenith 11 for Christmas 1987, and this was the first time I started taking pictures. Some of the first images I took were of Portsdown Park being demolished about 1988.

‘I kept that camera up until about 2005 when I bought my first Canon camera, a Canon 350 d, then about 2012 I bought a Canon 650d. Then I bought the camera I use now a Canon 6d in 2015. I have a large selection of lenses ranging from 16 mm up to 500 mm that I use for shots of wildlife and taking pictures of the moon.’

‘I try to get out every day after work and weekends or whilst on holiday. I tend to stay local to Old Portsmouth and along the sea front and the Isle of Wight.

‘I enjoy taking landscape pictures, wildlife and ships and also enjoy going out in the winter for the sunset photos and rough seas during storms.  I love early mornings for sunrise. I also like taking photos of ancient and historic buildings.’