‘They park like they own the roads’: Facebook reacts as Portsmouth Lord Mayor’s car is pictured at bus stop

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Readers have been giving their views after the car belonging to the Lord Mayor of Portsmouth was pictured parked in a bus stop.

Councillor Lee Mason has claimed there was special dispensation for the car being parked there because the mayoress, his mum Sylvia, is disabled.

Lord Mayor's car parked illegally on London Road, Portsmouth

Lord Mayor's car parked illegally on London Road, Portsmouth

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The story has had a strong reaction from readers on Facebook, with many questioning why Lord Mayors should be given their own chauffeurs and car. 

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Here are some of the comments left on our Facebook page:

Cllr Lee Mason. Picture: Vernon Nash

Cllr Lee Mason. Picture: Vernon Nash

Allison George: Shocker. They always drive and park like they own the roads. Always have done, and their office will never hear a bad word said against them! Why the Mayor needs chauffeurs and a private plate car in these times of austerity is beyond me. Never heard of renting or taxis?

Alan Gorman: Tow the car away, and sell it. Tell the mayor to use public transport in future, and pay his own fare.

Richard Hancock: Again! I emailed the Mayors office about this several months ago and didn't even get a response! About time we got rid of this outdated unelected position anyway.

Carl Shotton: Get rid of this old fashioned mayors position and car cut the council tax that would help a lot of people.

Brenda Robinson: Should definitely have got parking fine and points on his licence. They are not royalty with special privileges.

Maureen Harris: When council funding is being cut, a luxury car – surely the money should be used for the people of Portsmouth, the children centres, the elderly where it is so needed. 

Louise Butler: That's 20 grand a year that could go back towards services. Give him a bus pass instead.

Matt Hart: Do we really need a ‘lord major’ with a big fancy car during these times of austerity? It’s insulting to us hardworking council tax payers. Can we have a referendum on it please?

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