This Portsmouth landmark featured in ITV drama Vanity Fair – did you spot it? 

HMS Victory starred in ITV drama Vanity Fair. Picture: Chris Stephens
HMS Victory starred in ITV drama Vanity Fair. Picture: Chris Stephens
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A Portsmouth landmark was featured in the latest episode of a big budget ITV drama. 

HMS Victory took a starring role in Sunday’s episode of Vanity Fair – a seven-part adaption of  William Makepeace Thackeray’s 19th century novel of the same name. 

The warship, which survived the Battle of Trafalgar, featured in a scene where British troops were preparing to sail to Belgium. 

HMS Victory is one of the main attractions at the Historic Dockyard in Portsmouth and ITV crews came to the city to film. 

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The warship was then added to scenes showing troops preparing to board her which were filmed in Chatham in Kent through CGI magic. 

Speaking to Radio Times Gary Brown, VFX Creative Director of Technicolor London, said: ‘I went off down to Portsmouth and shot HMS Victory from many angles and comped her into the shot.

‘The boats are something that we filmed down in Portsmouth and plonked in.’ 

HMS Victory has previously starred in the latest hit Hollywood version of musical Les Misérables in 2012. 

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Jacquie Shaw, spokeswoman for the National Museum of the Royal Navy, said: ‘It is quite exciting for staff and colleagues to see it (HMS Victory) in a different guise. 

‘Across the country the National Museum of the Royal Navy ships and museums are used in filming opportunities. 

‘The HMS Trincomalee in Hartlepool makes regular appearances in ITV’s Victoria. 

‘The HMS Victory itself was used in the opening credits of Les Miserables. 

‘And our submarine was used in a Transformers film a few years ago. 

‘It is a really good way of supplementing our income. Film tourism is well known for attracting tourists who want to see where things were filmed. 

'There’s so few of these ships remaining now so we are lucky.' 

Vanity Fair is set during and after the Napoleonic Wars and the latest episode featured the build up to the Battle of Waterloo, after Napoleon Bonaparte escaped from exile in Elba.