THIS WEEK IN 1973: Southwick golf course plan rejected

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A proposal by the Ministry of Defence to use 125 acres of land at Southwick, near Fareham, to provide a golf course and other recreational facilities for the navy was rejected by the Southern Divisional Planning Comittee, meeting at Gosport.

The proposed recreational centre would be for the shore establishment, HMS Dryad, and would include boating, camping and riding.

The meeting was told there were objections from a tenant farmer who would lose his land.

The proposal recommending that the application should be turned down was approved by nine votes to four.

Droxford Development Sub-Comittee had objected to the application on the grounds that it would involve the loss of good agricultural land, with consequent hardship on the tenant farmer, Mr E Cutler.

The sub-comittee also claimed that the proposal would be contrary to the draft structure plan for south Hampshire, since it was in advance of the local plans programme.

This rejection came despite outlined plans to build 25 golf courses in the south of Hampshire by 1991.