THIS WEEK IN 1974: ‘Airy fairy’ road names confused our posties

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Criticism of ‘airy-fairy fancy names’ given to some of the roads in the Portsmouth Guildhall area was dished out by Lord Mayor AG Dann.

‘Why Isambard Brunel Road when there is already a Brunel Road in my ward (North End)?’ he asked members of the Transportation Committee.

‘No wonder the Post Office gets confused.

‘We should avoid repetition of this kind when it comes to naming the streets of Portsmouth.’

This discussion on street names arose when it was reported that a letter from the Portsmouth Advisory Committee for Post Office Services referred to increasing complaints concerning the wrong delivery of letters.

Many of the errors which had occured during sorting, it stated, were due to roads having similar and even identical names in the same postal area.

Post-war buildings and redevelopment schemes in areas around Portsmouth had supposedly aggravated the problems – leading to instances ocurring where long-established Portsmouth street names had unknowingly been adopted in these areas by other authorities, causing confusion.