This week in 1974: Family living in their car find home at last

Police outside Wilmcote House, Portsmouth

Residents had to be signed in to Portsmouth flat block after police incident

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Shane Hickley, a four-year-old Portsmouth boy whose ‘bedroom’ was the back seat of an old grey car, moved into his first real home.

The family of three had been awaiting council accomidation.

Lynn Hickley, Shane’s mother, said: ‘This will be the first real home he has had.

‘He has lived out of a suitcase most of his life.

‘Some of his toys he is seeing for the first time in three years.’

The Hickleys began moving furniture, carpets and other belongings, they had kept in storage or with friends since their marriage, into their new three-bedroom house in Lucknow Street, Fratton.

Mrs Hickley added: ‘I sat down and wept with happiness and relief when I read the housing department’s letter. In the excitment I forgot to tell Fred, my husband.’