This week in 1974: Hampshire police set to help find cop killer

PC John Schofield was shot dead by a long haired gun man in Surrey.
PC John Schofield was shot dead by a long haired gun man in Surrey.
Southbound traffic on Fratton Bridge passing the northbound SGN roadworks Picture Byron Melton

SGN staff to work longer hours to speed up Fratton Bridge roadworks in Portsmouth

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Hampshire police were standing by to send men into Surrey to help the hunt, headed by police marksmen, for a ‘long-haired’ gunman who shot dead a police constable, seriously wounded another, and shot a sergeant in the arm.

The gunman opened up on the three policemen on a roundabout on the A22 near Caterham, Surrey, while they were on their routine car patrol.

Surrey’s Chief Constable, Peter Matthews said: ‘The man is armed and dangerous. Anyone who sees him should phone the police immediately and not attempt to tackle him.’

The officers had been patrolling in Caterham in the early hours of the morning when they saw a man walking along carrying a bag.

They stopped him and he immediately fired several shots.

The driver, PC John Schofield died as a result of the gunshot, and PC Ray Fullalove and Sgt Harley Findley were taken to Redhill General Hospital.

Sgt Findley was allowed home after treatment but PC Fullalove had an emergency operation and was said to be ‘as comfortable as can be expected.’