THIS WEEK IN 1976: Big crowds for the big band sound

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Geoffrey Joy, 77, from Hilsea, wants to thank the NHS as it turns 70 for giving him treatment for 63 years of its existence. Picture: Sarah Standing (180546-8718)

 ‘I owe them my life more than once’ – Geoffrey’s praise of the NHS as it marks 70 years

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It was estimated that, during the five hours of the Big Band Continental festivities in Guildhall Square, Portsmouth, between 6,000 and 7,000 people passed through enjoying the show.

At one time, 1,000 were counted on the Guildhall steps alone. Some were there for perhaps an hour or two, but the majority stayed for the whole event. It was a carefree concert with Southampton All Stars and Pinkerton County taking it in turns to provide music and song.