THIS WEEK IN 1979: Coastguards warn ‘ignorant’ sailors

jpns-12-08-17 retro 2017''Rescue - Helping hands prepare an injured crewman for his airloft to hospital

Coastguards urged the south’s small boat sailors to stay at home after a spate of dramas in the storm-whipped sea.

Four waterskiers were plucked from the sea at Hayling Bay after their speed-boat sank.

One man on board managed to swim ashore and raise the alarm.

After an hour, the four others were saved in a rescue involving Portsmouth lifeboat, Hayling coastguards, and a helicopter from HMS Daedalus.

A Selsey coastguard said despite the conditions people were still setting off in boats.

‘Some of them may be experienced, but there is no doubt that some are ignorant and take no precautions whatsoever.’

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