THIS WEEK IN 1982: Fareham’s the new home of rare orchid

Dove orchid no flight of fancy
Dove orchid no flight of fancy
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One of the world’s rare orchids, an endangered plant which could no longer be found in the wild, was in the caring hands of a Fareham enthusiast.

The prize plant was the rarest that Thomas Pinch, who kept scarce and exhibition standard orchids, had in his private collection. It was so special that it could not be exported without a licence from the Department of the Environment. Mr Pinch bought the Peristeria Elata, or dove orchid, from an expert orchid grower in Devon. It could grow to five feet with white flowers. Mr Pinch said: ‘It was not for sale to an amateur grower because owning the plant is too much of a responsibility. I am thrilled to have it and I cannot let the side down by losing it.’ Mr Pinch planned to propagate from the plant to increase the stock.