THIS WEEK IN 1985: Mother urges son to come home after fire

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A heartbroken Havant woman returned from a visit to her husband overseas to discover her house damaged by fire and no sign of her eldest son.

Caryll Grattan, of Park Lane, Bedhampton, flew out to Saudi Arabia with her younger 11-year-old son to visit her maintenance manager husband.

Her eldest son, 18-year-old Garry, could not go with them because he would have needed a work permit.

While they were away, Garry was cleaning his motorbike in the house when it burst into flames, destroying most of the kitchen.

He managed to save the two dogs, setting his clothing alight in the process. The house was uninhabitable and without electricity.

A worried Mrs Grattan said: ‘It was an accident and I was not angry with him.

‘ I would like him to know that we miss him and are worried.’