THIS WEEK IN 1998: Havant woman is hit by a falling window

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A 35-year-old woman escaped serious injury after a window toppled out of the first floor of a Havant bank and smashed over her head.

Linda Turner was shopping in West Street when she went into a branch of NatWest.

As she left and turned to walk away from the front of the building a bank worker tried to open an upstairs window.

But instead of opening, the square metre pane of glass – complete with frame – fell 10 feet straight down and crashed on to Mr Turner’s head.

The frame passed around her body and the pane smashed, showering the Portsmouth Water employee with shards of glass.

Mrs Turner, of Cardiff Road, North End, Portsmouth, said: ‘All I remember was standing there and not being able to move after something fell on me. I only picked up cuts and bruises.’