Top 7 quotes from The News this week

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Here’s our favourite quotes from The News this week.

“I have cystic fibrosis which sometimes stops me from spending time with my friends and I have to take medicine a lot. I have been able to do so many things so I’m really grateful.”

12-year-old Melanie Cooper, who has cystic fibrosis, enjoyed the holiday of a lifetime to Florida thanks to charity Dreamflight.


“Southampton may have the docks and the ships, but Portsmouth has the culture and there has been a renaissance over the city.”

Visitor Scott Millet was one of those to try out Portsmouth’s first ever Oktoberfest last week, and spoke highly of the organisation of the event.


“I am furious with the system. The staff work so hard and it is about time someone takes notice of what is happening.”

89-year-old Doreen Mayhew calls on the government to do more to help NHS staff after waiting 16 hours for an ambulance to collect her from her home.


“Winning has not just made my day, it’s made my world!”

Lucky Sheila Cole, from Southsea, landed a £25,000 windfall with her first ever lottery ticket, after taking part in the People’s Postcode Lottery.


“He’s put a hole in my roof and the lady next door’s roof. It was like something out of a war zone.”

Linda Graham fought off a man with a baseball bat after he broke into her house in Stamshaw to try and avoid police.


“Kian stayed embraced like this with his dad for most of the day. I think he was a little afraid to let go.”

Stevie Roche speaks about her son Kian welcomed back his dad Adam during the homecoming of HMS Lancaster in Portsmouth last December. The photo of the pair embracing will now feature in a nationwide charity calendar.


“He’s encouraged me to follow in his footsteps when I am a bit older. I’m thinking about a career as an astronaut.”

Fareham pupil Mia Fry, 10, was clearly inspired after meeting Tim Peake at the University of Portsmouth this week.